Weekly Theme

It's time to assemble!  Join forces with the other kids at camp to fight against the villains that are overrunning the base and restoring order. We'll help you discover your story as you learn to use your superpowers and become a hero known throughout the galaxy.   Put on your Super Hero Suit and get ready to fight!  

This summer we are taking the Arts to a new level.  Come to camp ready to share your creative artistic talents (painting, singing, dancing acting, etc.) to express yourself and make a positive mark on the world.  This week is going to be tons of fun and will include a big show on Friday to share your God-given gifts.  This will be a beautiful week!

Campers will explore God's awesome world this week.  Learning about plants and animals, science experiments focusing on nature, and a Safari Hunt will make this week extra fun. 

Grab your passport and get ready for a week of amazing travel around the world!  Join our travel guides for an in-depth look into people and places across many continents.  We will visit a variety of animal habitats and sample delicious food from several countries.  While in Africa, we might take a break to play some traditional African games or take a scavenger hunt to locate animals hiding in the brush. Get your map ready.  It’s time for an adventure!

A long time ago in a camp far away... young campers were training to become Jedi Knights.  This week you'll see if you are strong with enough force as you go through Jedi training.  Build your own lightsaber, race a BB8-roid, join the rebellion, and bring balance to the force!  But beware.  Darth Vader has sent his Stormtroopers to put an end to the Jedi.  

We need your help!

Howdy, partner!  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty.  This week on the farm we will be discussing all aspects of farm and animal life.  A few barnyard friends might even be scheduled to visit.     Get your overalls and boots ready for a week of fun.